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About Jemima’s Gift

JemimaJemima’s Gift Inc. was set up in loving memory of Jemima.
Jemima was a very special girl who found her way to me after being pulled out of a drain. She had had litter after litter in that drain while living on the street.

She came to me pregnant, starving, fleas everywhere and not great condition. With time we found out she was not as far along in her pregnancy as first thought.

It took quite a few weeks in care before she showed improvement but with the help of a warm bed and some good food she had gained a lot of weight.
It was time for Jemima to have her babies.

Still not trusting me 100% she preferred to give birth alone.

She had 5 healthy babies. We named them Little Ted, Big Ted, Fergus, Meeka and Daisy. They were so big and beautiful and she was such a good mum.
I was also taking in quite a few orphans at the time and she wanted these babies too. She raised her babies plus another 2 orphans. She was the best mum ever!!

I would have orphan kittens in the lounge room and she would hear them meow when it was time for a bottle and if I didn’t have them with me she would steal them and take them with her and her kittens.

All the babies grew to be gorgeous and all found their Forever homes.
By this time Jemima was desexed and she was on the lookout for her home to call her own.

As the weeks passed Jemima grew tired, she developed a cough that just didn’t seem to go away no matter what we tried. It seemed Jemima was constantly at the vet for her cough. Slowly it turned into a wheeze. She had it all the time.
Trying different vets and different medications and treatments it was agreed that we would try a tracheotomy. Jemima went under anesthetic for a surgery that was not practiced in cats and in pretty poor health. I prepared myself for the worst and said my goodbyes not knowing if I would ever see her again.
I was excited to hear she had made it through!!

The next few days we were waiting to see some significant improvement but it never arrived. It was decided I would take her home and see how she progressed over the next few weeks.

Jemima slowly got worse. She lost weight, I could not get her to eat, she lost her shine and sparkle for life. After a lengthy discussion with the vet we agreed she was living a very poor quality life and nothing further the vet could do it was time to end her suffering. We had a good day and she had friends come and see her that day. We went to the vet pretty late in the afternoon and we were welcomed by faces she knew.

Jemima lost her battle to live that day and she took pieces of everyone she had ever met with her too. She can never be replaced but she can live in our hearts and she will be remembered.

She is living in all of us and fighting for a better life for cats like her. She wants you all to know we can all help and we can all give cats like her a better chance at life. If Jemima wasn’t picked up that day she would have died in pain, in a cold drain and lonely.

I’m so glad and so very privileged she let me be the one.
We all need our Jemima’s.